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  • Some special features of ribbon painting, part 3.
    • Jun , 30 2020

    LL Ribbons upholds the business philosophy of "pursuing quality, professional leadership, and continuous innovation". The ribbon painting products which we developed in 2015 are built on these superb processes based on five years of craftsmanship researching, the ribbon process is displayed on the painting to the fullest, and decorative ribbon painting is given with 5 main special effects as below...

  • Some special features of ribbon painting, part 2.
    • Jun , 10 2020

    LLRIBBONS ribbon painting special features, part 2. (2) Green environmental protection and pollution-free LLRIBBONS ribbon painting products are made with eco-friendly materials, and the finished products are odorless and free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemical additives. The painting materials have passed the "SGS Test and SVHC Chemical Detection" , including determination of content Lead...

  • Some special features of ribbon painting, part 1.
    • May , 25 2020

    Talk about some special features of our ribbon painting: 1. Washable, dust and abrasion resistance Most traditional hand-painted paintings are not washable, dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant. The recent modern spray painting is limited by the printing and dyeing process, lead to the colors easy to fade, not resistant to light, not resistant to wear. Our ribbon paintings are made of eco-friendly ...

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