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  • 5 Patterns Valentine's Day Gifts Packaging Ribbon
    • Nov , 16 2020

    2021 year's Valentine's Day is near to us. Bouqute, Chocolate, Jewelery, sexul underwear etc. is the best & popular gifts in this special seasonal holiday. Every beautiful gifts should be with a wonderful packaging, luxury ribbon for a boxes packaging is just like the bows for a girl's princess dress. Below is some design ribbon for your choice for the Valentine's day. 1) Any color Sheer ribbo...

  • Where to Buy Christmas Decoration Ribbon?
    • Nov , 02 2020

    Christmas ribbon can be created with your logo and a Merry Christmas or similar greeting to complete the look.  Use your ribbon to wrap around a gift box to dress it up or tie a big ribbon bow around your boxes and corporate gifts to celebrate the festive season. Custom ribbon can be one of the easiest ways to pack any gift.  Send us your logo by mail or you could choose any pattern from...

  • 3 Methods for Company Logo Printed Ribbon!
    • Oct , 29 2020

    Print your business logo ribbon with a choice of methods. Especially like Chocolate company packaging.  1)Sublimation printing If you have many colours(over 4 colors) in your logo it can printed in full colour with the sublimated method. This full colour logo ribbon takes approximately 7~10 days to produce.  2)Foil gold printing/Raised logo by foil gold or silver If your logo is a single...

  • 5 Tips for Elastic Hair Tie
    • Oct , 27 2020

    Top thickness, 16MM width OR 20MM width elastic ribbon, material is 75% polyester/25% spandex, it is ideal for below 5 useful occasion. 1) Girls Hair ties Printed any pattern OR plain elastic bands, cutting 30 CM/pc stength, after tie done is 8~9 CM/pc.  2) Elastic Bracelet Hair ties also could be as girls or boys bracelet, it depends on the bands color and printing patterns. Pink, ...

  • Why Personalized Your Ribbons?
    • Oct , 19 2020

    Personalized Ribbon printing is the perfect addition for party favors, weddings, commercial advertising, retail packaging, branding, trade shows, gift wrapping ribbon and holiday decoration, also for your company brand advertising. Select your favorite ribbon style and color and then prepare your artwork, to create your own custom made the ribbon for your next trade show or anniversary. Design you...

  • Some special features of ribbon painting, part 3.
    • Jun , 30 2020

    LL Ribbons upholds the business philosophy of "pursuing quality, professional leadership, and continuous innovation". The ribbon painting products which we developed in 2015 are built on these superb processes based on five years of craftsmanship researching, the ribbon process is displayed on the painting to the fullest, and decorative ribbon painting is given with 5 main special effects as below...

  • Sublimation Satin Ribbon
    • Jun , 16 2020

    Sublimation is new type printing process, the printing process is divided into transfer film printing and transfer paper transfer printing two major parts. Transfer film printing Using dot dot printing (resolution up to 300dpi), the pattern is pre-printed on the film surface and then transferred to the substrate by mechanical equipment. Object. The printed pattern is richly layered, brightly color...

  • Some special features of ribbon painting, part 2.
    • Jun , 10 2020

    LLRIBBONS ribbon painting special features, part 2. (2) Green environmental protection and pollution-free LLRIBBONS ribbon painting products are made with eco-friendly materials, and the finished products are odorless and free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemical additives. The painting materials have passed the "SGS Test and SVHC Chemical Detection" , including determination of content Lead...

  • Packaging Ribbon by Foil Gold/Silver Printing Types
    • Jun , 01 2020

    Foil gold/silver printing process is divided into ink foil gold/silver and foaming foil gold/silver. Heat-set foil stamping/silver, thick plastisol foil gold/silver. 1) Ink foil gold/silver: The printing paste is thinner and more suitable for smooth surfaces such as single-sided, double-sided primers. 2)Foam foil gold/silver: Foam foil stamping paste has a foaming component, so the process has a n...

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